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What I’m Working On

In my free time I try to build tools and software that spark joy ✨. Below are a few of my more public facing GitHub repositories and some details about the projects.


PyPI GitHub Repo stars PyPI - Python Version

camply, the campsite finder ⛺️, is a tool to help you book an online campground. Finding reservations at sold out campgrounds can be tough. That’s where camply comes in. It searches the APIs of Booking Services like (which works on thousands of campgrounds across the USA) to continuously check for cancellations and availabilities to pop up. Once a campsite becomes available, camply sends you a notification to book your spot!

You can install camply easily via pipx install camply.


PyPI GitHub Repo stars PyPI - Python Version

browsr 🗂️ is a pleasant file explorer in your terminal. It’s a command line TUI application that empowers you to browse the contents of local and remote directories with your keyboard or mouse. You can quickly navigate through directories and peek at files whether they’re hosted locally, in AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Blob Storage. View code files with syntax highlighting, format JSON files, render images, convert CSV and Parquet files to datatables and more. Get going with all of browsr’s superpowers with pipx install "browsr[all]".


PyPI GitHub Repo stars PyPI - Python Version

Welcome to llm-term 💬, a command line utility that allows you to chat with LLM models directly from the comfort of your command line - this includes OpenAI (ChatGPT), Anthropic, and more. This tool leverages Langchain and Rich to facilitate real-time conversations with LLM models in your terminal. It enhances the user experience by streaming responses as rich text, complete with code-formatting and syntax highlighting. Get started with pipx install llm-term and stay on the command line!


PyPI GitHub Repo stars PyPI - Python Version

hatch-pip-compile is the missing lockfile capability for the hatch Python project tool 🥚. It’s a hatch plugin that connects your hatch-managed virtual environment to a lockfile managed with pip-compile. The plugin detects whether your environment or lockfile is out to date and automatically syncs them when needed - and it’s fast! Get reproducible environments for your Python projects today with hatch-pip-compile


PyPI GitHub Repo stars PyPI - Python Version

Lunch Money is a “delightfully simple personal finance & budgeting app” - and my current tool of choice to manage my finances. lunchable 🍱 is a Python API Client for the Lunch Money Developer API. It’s built on top of pydantic, it offers an intuitive API, a simple CLI, complete coverage of all endpoints and plugins to other external services.


dotfiles 🌈 is a collection of my personal dotfiles for macOS, Linux, zsh, and everything else. It’s a set of configuration files with an opinionated set of tools and configurations based on my personal preferences. dotfiles are a personal preference so if my files aren’t for you, you’ll enjoy the dev-setup 📔 documentation which helps you get up and running on your own macOS or Linux machine. dotfiles can be installed with curl -fsSL | bash.


My personal cookiecutter template 🚀, might be your new secret weapon for Python projects. It’s an all-in-one development toolkit that operates seamlessly in your coding environment. Imagine managing your project’s virtual environment and development tools with hatch, effortlessly formatting and linting your masterpiece with ruff, and checking types using mypy. Literally all of the CI/CD details have been taken care of. Unleash the full potential of your Python project with juftin’s personal cookiecutter template. Get started with cookiecutter gh:juftin/cookiecutter-python.


The zoo project 🦁🐼🐨, an asynchronous zoo API powered by FastAPI, SQLAlchemy 2.0, Pydantic v2, and Alembic. zoo is a simple yet robust API example that allows you to manage a zoo. It utilizes modern tools and practices, including a production-ready server (Uvicorn), modern SQL ORM (SQLAlchemy 2.0), data validation (Pydantic v2), and database migrations (Alembic). This project serves as an excellent starting point for building your own API, outlining the basic structure of an API project and providing examples of implementing common features.


I’ve always been a big TV and Movies nerd. On the weekends you can find me searching RottenTomatoes for the latest certified fresh 🍅 pick. homelab is a multi-container docker-compose application that supports every aspect of hosting your own media server at home. homelab includes everything you need to host a website for your friends and family to request new content be downloaded, services to find and securely download the latest movies and shows, and underneath it all a Plex media server to support playback of the content anywhere and on any device.