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If you’re interested in my work as a Software and Machine Learning Operations Engineer: get in touch, learn more on my LinkedIn, or check out my resume for more info.

What I’m Working On

In my free time I try to build tools and software that reflect my personal interests like camping, sharing memories with my family, finding ways to monitor spending and increase savings, or just building something for the sake of building something new. Below are some of my more public facing GitHub repositories and some details about the projects.


camply, the campsite finder ⛺️, is a tool to help you book an online campground. Finding reservations at sold out campgrounds can be tough. That’s where camply comes in. It searches the APIs of Booking Services like (which works on thousands of campgrounds across the USA) to continuously check for cancellations and availabilities to pop up. Once a campsite becomes available, camply sends you a notification to book your spot!

You can install camply easily via pip install camply.


I’ve always been a big TV and Movies nerd. On the weekends you can find me searching RottenTomatoes for the latest certified fresh 🍅 pick. media-center is a multi-container docker-compose application that supports every aspect of hosting your own media server at home. media-center includes everything you need (plus detailed documentation) to host a website for your friends and family to request new content be downloaded, services to find and securely download the latest movies and shows, and underneath it all a Plex media server to support playback of the content anywhere and on any device.


FastApp is a wrapper around FastAPI for ML Powered Services 🧠. With just a few lines of code you can stand up auto-documenting REST APIs that power Machine Learning Services and deploy them as production hardened endpoints. Leveraging Pydantic and FastAPI, FastApp can get you up and running in minutes. Try it out: pip install fastapp[example] && fastapp serve-debug && open http://localhost:8080/docs


Lunch Money is a “delightfully simple personal finance & budgeting app” - and my current tool of choice to manage my finances. lunchable 🍱 is a Python API Client for the Lunch Money Developer API. It’s built on top of pydantic, it offers an intuitive API, a simple CLI, complete coverage of all endpoints and plugins to other external services.


adjuftments is a financial application made up of microservices that tracks expenses, income, and more. Ultimately, the goal of adjuftments is to be mindful of spending, and to plan around maximizing savings at the end of each month. So what makes adjuftments different from your Excel spreadsheet? Mainly, adjuftments is built on top of splitwise and airtable, which helps it do some pretty cool stuff - and it’s manageable on any device. At any given point during the month you can compare your spending with where you planned to be, adjuftments will help you save money 💸. adjuftments has a few other handy features including monthly spending categorization, stock portfolio price syncing, handy data visualizations, and helpful push notifications built on pushover. adjuftments has been a personal, private project for a long time so I figured why not make it public.


All services with a WebUI benefit from having a Reverse Proxy to serve their content. traefik is my personal implementation of the Traefik Reverse Proxy service in Docker. This reverse proxy implementation is easy to add new services to and best of all it puts sensitive services behind Google OAuth 🔐. media-center is built on top of traefik and so are a few other services:

  • jupyter

    Hosted Jupyter Lab / Notebook Server with Spark, Scala, and R Dependencies. Check out the docker image: juftin/jupyter:latest.

  • airflow

    Hosted Airflow Server to support orchestration

  • pihole

    Network-wide Ad Blocking