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browsr 🗂️

a pleasant file explorer in your terminal supporting all filesystems

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browsr 🗂️ is a pleasant file explorer in your terminal. It's a command line TUI (text-based user interface) application that empowers you to browse the contents of local and remote filesystems with your keyboard or mouse.

You can quickly navigate through directories and peek at files whether they're hosted locally, in GitHub, over SSH, in AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Blob Storage. View code files with syntax highlighting, format JSON files, render images, convert data files to navigable datatables, and more.

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It's recommended to use pipx instead of pip. pipx installs the package in an isolated environment and makes it available everywhere. If you'd like to use pip instead, just replace pipx with pip in the below command.

pipx install browsr

Extra Installation#

If you're looking to use browsr on remote file systems, like GitHub or AWS S3, you'll need to install the remote extra. If you'd like to browse parquet / feather files, you'll need to install the data extra. Or, even simpler, you can install the all extra to get all the extras.

pipx install "browsr[all]"


Simply give browsr a path to a local or remote file / directory. Check out the Documentation for more information about the file systems supported.


browsr ~/Downloads/


browsr github://juftin:browsr
export GITHUB_TOKEN="ghp_1234567890"
browsr github://juftin:browsr-private@main


browsr s3://my-bucket

** Currently AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Blob Storage are supported.


browsr ssh://[email protected]:22